music by the sea

Chamber Music Workshop • July 23-28, 2017 • Pacific Grove, CA


Our mission is to expose young talented musicians to the exquisite beauty
of the chamber music repertoire, thus enhancing their motivation
and appreciation for classical music as well as their instrument. 


Students will have the opportunity to work with highly regarded professionals, who are passionate about guiding them and providing insight to achieve their full potential. The Asilomar State Conference Grounds in Pacific Grove provides an ideal environment for talent to flourish. It’s a beautiful, peaceful and at the same time fun and exciting place.


We accept intermediate and advanced students age 5-25, as well as adult students for piano, strings, and woodwinds. Students will be coached on two ensemble pieces and work in a chamber orchestra, all of which will be performed at the conclusion. Individual lessons will be offered as needed.

For more information, call 530-758-8407